Hi there. I'm Simone.
And I have a question for you:

What do you really want?

Whatever it is,
you are just a negotiation away from it

and I can teach you
how to get it.


This 4-hour intense negotiation course will teach you the techniques to own your counterpart in "1-to-1" and "1-to-many" negotiation settings. 

You'll be on an individual video call with me and we'll go through both theory and practice for you to tackle all your day-to-day challenges. Are you looking for a salary raise? Do you need to buy a new car? Or you simply want to take greater control of your life? 

You'll want to do it like a pro.

I'll turn you into one.

Price: 990 EUR + vat

Also possible for groups up to 4 people, at the price of 675 EUR + vat per person

would you rather have me handle the negotiations for you?

If you are about to close a personal deal and you don't feel like handling the negotiation alone, or if you are an entrepreneur about to start a fundraising round and want to have the best shot at retaining the most of your valuable company ownership, or if you are thinking your employer should pay you more, I can probably help you. I'll be guiding you step-by-step and we'll close the best possible deal together.

Price: 350 EUR + vat per hour

Consider that 1 hour is generally sufficient for negotiating a salary raise, while a typical investment round may even require 10-30 hours of my work, depending on each specific case.


While you think,
let me tell you something about me

I was born in Italy in 1988. I lived "here and there" and I am now resident in Luxembourg.
After my first M.Sc. in Space Engineering and second M.Sc. in Business Management, I decided to dedicate my career to the exciting world of professional negotiations.

My main roles nowadays are:
Director, Spectrum Planning and International Coordination at Stellar Telecommunications
Managing Partner at Elite Circle

I am regularly diving into high-caliber negotiation environments, such as the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and I have the privilege to directly represent sovereign Countries as well as my employer and numerous clients, i.e. large publicly listed companies,  Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Wealth Management companies, and Single Family Offices.
With that exposure, I could not help but noticing how professional negotiators are always around where big money circulates - and that's perfectly normal and it should not change. But I have also seen how many normal-life initiatives and efforts could in fact still benefit - and greatly - from the trained skills of those same professional negotiators.

I believe everything in life is a negotiation and I believe everyone is able to recognize the value of good support and honest help. Therefore I started thinking: who are the people/entities that could get a much better life if they were supported by a professional negotiator? 
I did not have to sweat much, before the answer manifested itself. And if you are on this page and you read until down here, I'd say you are also starting to sense how much we could accomplish together.


Now tell me, would it be absurd to make a deal today?

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Some of my clients work for these great companies and institutions:

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The above logos do not imply company affiliation, as they are rather used to portray the variety of industries/institutions where my clients come from.