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La Torre

Managing Partner at Elite Circle. Manager at SES. Negotiator. Entrepreneur. Investor.

Born in Rome on September 1, 1988, I got my Master in Space Engineering in Italy and my Master in Business Management in France. 

I have been working in The Netherlands, the United States of America, and Luxembourg. And it is especially in Luxembourg where I could find fertile soil to focus on entrepreneurship and follow my creative drive.

Up to date, I founded a couple of companies, joined some others, closed numerous investment rounds, got burned "enough", and never got tired.

I have perfected the art of pitching, public speaking, negotiating, and I am always happy to support other professionals!

Creativity is wild mind

and disciplined eyes.

Fancy setting up your own company, seeking a better job, delivering a strong speech in public, negotiating a better salary, or even just making money on the side? Do you have the curiosity to work on improving every aspect of your life? Well, you may want to get in touch with me then, because I could be able to save you a lot of time.

Throughout the years I have been directly raising several millions of euros for various projects and have been involved in the launch of numerous companies, where I - fortunately AND unfortunately - could experience pretty much everything: failure, inevitable shutdowns because of lack of collective motivation among all team members, business termination due to "unclear" activities carried on by people interested in biting a "piece of the cake", very smooth execution, and more than fair exits.

Entrepreneurship, happiness, creative satisfaction, and - ultimately - success are a greatly collaborative process. Let me help you, because by talking to me you could save months - or even years. 



Go on, get in touch with me if you need a second pair of eyes and ears to validate your idea, your business plan, your pitch deck, your branding strategy, if you have a collaboration in mind, or if you need some support for your side business, your startup, or your large established-yet-slow company.