👋 I'm Simone.


A 🤝 professional negotiator, 

📈 business manager

and 🛰️ space engineer.

My talent: I connect dots.

🤯 Living as if life was not one.

In this fragile and uncertain life, nobody has ever received the grace to live forever.

Some say Elvis did, but that's likely not the case. 

To circumvent that frustrating limitation, I have decided to work on - and experience - as many career paths as my mind and body will allow me to, eventually attempting to combine more lives together into one.

So much that I wanted to create this website not to explain to others what I do, but to keep myself sane and remind myself what direction my career is taking at any given point in my journey.


My main role.

Manager EMEA, Spectrum at SES S.A.

Dish Antenna

Managing Partner

and Co-Founder

at Elite Circle Sarl





Sitting on the board.

Shareholder and Board Member

at Reframy

Shareholder and Board Member

at RoundHope


🔍 What happens now?

Well, if you landed on this page and you scrolled down to this point, it's fair to assume that you are trying to find out more about me or to get in touch. In both cases, the best path to take is to find me on LinkedIn and drop me a couple of lines. Feel free to follow me there, or to connect even. When I receive your message, we will take it from there.

I will be asking just one question: Are you ready to make a deal TODAY?