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Ciao beautiful people!

I'm Simone La Torre, professional negotiator, space engineer,
business manager, investor, born in Italy and living in Luxembourg.

Across my experiences I grew to firmly believe superb negotiations are not far from surrealism, as they can bend one's reality
and shake common beliefs.

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Get my attention

Linkedin is the best way to reach me, but I do get quite many requests
and I am not the fastest to respond, so if you want to peak my interest I am happy to suggest these 4 topics; mentioning any one of these will certainly make you skip the line.

Futuristic Cyborg

The "devil investor"

I love investing in strong teams and great business models so, as a result, you may find me on more than a few cap tables. A startup founder once told me he had met with a lot of angel investors, but he was shocked to see that I was a "devil investor" instead. When I asked what he meant, he said: "angel investors are using double standards to assess startups before and after their investment as they immediately stop challenging a founder once they've decided to invest, while you are still challenging me and my company two years later; that's worth your weight in gold, because I've quickly seen that if I can convince you, I'll convince literally everyone". 

Now, if you are looking for funds, I invest in up to 4 early-stage startups each year, so - should you want to welcome the devil on your cap table - reach out to me on Linkedin and I'll test you there.

Otherwise, if you simply want to get in touch with the founders of any of the amazing companies below, I'll be happy to make an intro.


@ Seed

Car Touch Screen

@ Pre-Seed (Opt)

Diet Plan

Coming soon

@ Series B

A Yacht at Sea

@ Founding


Coming soon

@ Seed


@ Founding


@ Seed

Data Cloud

@ Pre-Seed

Would it be absurd
to make a deal today?

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All services offered on this website are rendered through the Luxembourg-based company Kiitos Sarl.

Copyright 1988 - 2023 - Simone La Torre

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