You bring the story. I'll help you sell it.

🤔 Who am I and why should you care?

Born in Italy. Lived here and there. Resident in Luxembourg.

After my first M.Sc. in Space Engineering and second M.Sc. in Business Management, I decided to dedicate my career to the exciting world of professional negotiations.

I am regularly diving into high-caliber negotiation environments, such as the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and I have the privilege to directly represent sovereign Countries and my employer and clients, i.e. large publicly listed companies, numerous Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Wealth Management companies, and Single Family Offices.


With that exposure, I could not help but noticing how professional negotiators are always around where big money circulates - and that's perfectly normal and it should not change. But I have also seen how many normal-life initiatives and efforts could in fact still benefit - and greatly - from the trained skills of those same professional negotiators.

I believe everything in life is a negotiation and I believe everyone is able to recognize the value of good support and honest help. Therefore I started thinking: who are the people/entities that could get a much better life if they were supported by a professional negotiator? 

I did not have to sweat much, before the answer manifested itself:

Employees who want to change job to get a higher salary and better quality of life,

and startup founders who are about to jump into the next round of financing for their company.

In short, people who are looking to accomplish more with their lives and who definitely did not settle.

And to support those people I created RAISE: Professional negotiation service.

😉 Now tell me: who are you?

Man Carrying Bike




about to look for a new job


I will work with you

to perfect your CV.

I will train you to shine

during the interviews.

And I will hold your hand throughout the entire offer negotiation process.

Smiling Student in Lecture
Woman Smiling in Suit
Similing Team
Happy Businessman




about to raise funds


I will work with you to

perfect your pitch material.

I will train you to shine

during the presentations.

And I will hold your hand throughout the entire investment negotiation process.

Young Designer

🤔 And if you are a recruiting company?

In that case you may want to get in touch with me to expand upon the services you offer to the employees you support. You will benefit from an additional revenue-generating service at no extra cost for you or your client, the employees will benefit from superior contract terms, I will benefit from a more streamlined client on-boarding process. Get in touch with me on LinkedIn so I can explain how it could work and we can discuss the terms.

"It costs you nothing. It gains you plenty."