I will help you negotiate the best conditions at your new job.

It's all about getting what you deserve.

1️⃣ - What are you up to?


You are here because you are about to start looking for a new job, be it the first one or just a better one. You are making the final tweaks to your CV and you are possibly thinking to reach out to a couple of recruiting firms, hoping to quickly sign for a higher salary. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but then you realize that you do not feel confident about your ability to sell yourself and negotiate the best hiring conditions with your future employer. That's my cue.

2️⃣ - What will I do for you?

Let's start with what I will not be doing for you: I will not be looking for a job on your behalf, nor will I do the interviews for you. Nevertheless, I will be helping you to get a higher compensation.

Together we will look at your CV and improve the way you portray your skills.

I will give you some tips about how to shine during the interview process.

I will tell you how to handle uncomfortable questions.

And then, when you receive a job offer, I will be literally dictating to you how to respond to that offer, negotiating with your future employer for you to agree on the highest possible salary.

3️⃣ - How does it work?

Everything starts with you getting in touch with me, so we can schedule a 1-hour virtual meeting. The meeting is going to be in English and you will need to make sure to have your CV ready by then.
During that virtual meeting we will look at how to improve your CV, I will give you tips on how to handle the job interviews, and I will train you to say some specific sentences that will give you negotiation leverage in the next steps. 
Following the call, you will be sending out your CV to as many companies you like and you will be going through the interview process, keeping in mind our virtual training.
Eventually, you are going to receive a formal job offer. At that point, you will call me and we will analyze the offer together; I will then be preparing for you the reply (or multiple replies) to that offer, word by word, for you to send it out. My text(s) will aim at negotiating to increase your salary and to improve your overall quality of life. I will continue to support you until you are ready to sign the offer and take the job.

4️⃣ - How much will it cost you?

1500 EUR, paid in 2 tranches: 500 EUR after our first consulting session + 1000 EUR three months after the start of your new job contract.
Let me be clear, so you can see how I decided to structure my fee:
First of all we will do our 1-hour virtual meeting. If, at the end of that meeting, you will be fully satisfied with the value I will have given you, you will pay me a 500 EUR consulting fee. If, on the contrary, you will not see any value in it, the meeting will cost you nothing and our collaboration will end there.
(Assuming you are satisfied) following our virtual meeting, and throughout the entire negotiation process - with one or even many employers at the same time - I will be working with you to ensure you sign the best possible work contract. When that happens - and within a 3-month window - you'll pay me additional 1000 EUR.
Here is an example for clarity:
You are a legal counsel in a banking institution, responsible for the creation and management of investment funds. You are tired of knowing that many of your colleagues earn more than you and you find the motivation to look for a fairer employer. You prepare your CV and you schedule the 1-hour virtual meeting with me. During that meeting we go through everything and you find real tangible value; therefore you agree to pay my 500 EUR fee and to continue our collaboration.
For the following 2 weeks you go through 3 interview rounds with a company you like, and you put in place the negotiation techniques we've seen during our video call. Another week passes by, and you finally receive a job offer from that company. The offer seems fair, with a base salary of 65.000 EUR and a decent bonus package. You may choose to sign it or to attempt negotiating on your own, but instead you choose to call me. We go through your offer together and I write a professional reply to that job offer, that - after a couple of back and forth emails with their hiring manager - will convince the company to settle for a base salary of 72.500 EUR plus a slightly improved bonus package, that gives you a bit more of flexibility, which you are ready to accept.
Thanks to my intervention, even before starting to work, you have secured an additional 7.500 EUR for the first year alone, with respect to the original offer the company had sent out to you. Once you sign your new employment contract, you choose to wait up to 3 months (this gives you the possibility to save more money) and then you pay me the remaining 1000 EUR.
I then wish you great luck for your new position and we agree to speak again when you will plan another change.

And here is a second example for you:
You are a senior iOS developer in a small software company. You decide you want to get a job at a larger firm, so you prepare your CV and you schedule the 1-hour video call with me. During that call we go through everything, but you change your mind and decide to stick to your current position for another year, because you did not find our 1-hour call sufficiently motivating and valuable. You therefore do not pay anything and we simply terminate our collaboration.

5️⃣ - What happens now?


Pretty simple: find me on LinkedIn and drop me a couple of lines. Feel free to follow me there, or to connect even. When I receive your message, we will take it from there.

I will be asking just one question: Are you ready to make a deal TODAY?

Important note: I will not be able to support you if that requires me to negotiate against the companies listed in the home page of this website, as I will not allow for any conflict of interest to happen.