I will help you negotiate the best investment conditions.

Don't compromise on the long-term value of your company.

1️⃣ - What are you up to?


You are here because you are the founder of a startup and are about to prepare for a fundraising campaign. No, I am not referring to crowdfunding and derivatives like that, for which negotiation skills are not necessary. I am referring to a serious, complex, and demanding investment round, be it seed, post/super seed, or any of the usual Series (A, B, ..., Z). Also, you are here because you understand how important it is in these pivotal moments to be sided by a professional negotiator, who can help you protect and enhance the intrinsic value and potential of your company before professional investors.

2️⃣ - What will I do for you?

Let's begin with what I will not do for you: I will not look for investors interested in your company and I will not pitch on your behalf.

I will do something significantly more valuable for you: I will work with you to perfect your pitch deck and to boost the effectiveness of the storytelling in your business plan. I will coach you on how to pitch to investors and how to speak in public in general. And, when the time will come, I will be supporting you and your startup throughout the entire investment negotiation, until the very last day, when you will be able to call the successful closing of the round.

3️⃣ - How does it work?

4️⃣ - How much will it cost you?


Everything starts with you getting in touch with me, so we can schedule a 4 x 1-hour virtual meetings. The calls are going to be in English and you will need to make sure to have your pitch material ready by then.

In the course of the 4 meetings, we will work on your pitch deck and business plan, we will refine your claims and your valuation, I will provide you with negotiation tactics to be used when pitching to investors, which will be tailored to the size of the round you are looking to raise.

Following these meetings, you will start pitching to various investors and go through typical due diligence phases until interested investors will make you an offer. Rest assured that this offer is not going to be in line with your initial request. At that moment I will be siding with you and we will negotiate together, to ensure that as much as possible of the value of your company is preserved, while as much as possible of the potential of your business model is realized.

The first 4 x 1-hour virtual meetings are going to cost you 1.000 EUR, that you will pay in 4 tranches of 250 EUR at the end of each virtual meeting and only if you are satisfied with the value I was able to bring to you. If, on the contrary, you cannot see any tangible value, you will not pay anything and our relationship will terminate with no expenses from your side.

Following the 4 virtual meetings, if you wish to proceed, the continuation of my collaboration is going to cost you:

  • 19.000 EUR at completion of the successful negotiation, for a round smaller than 500.000 EUR;


  • 29.000 EUR at completion of the successful negotiation, for a round smaller than 1.500.000 EUR (and greater or equal than 500.000 EUR);


  • 40.000 EUR at completion of the successful negotiation, for a round greater or equal than 1.500.000 EUR.

All above fees are excluding VAT, whenever applicable.

5️⃣ - What happens now?

Pretty simple: find me on LinkedIn and drop me a couple of lines. Feel free to follow me there, or to connect even. When I receive your message, we will take it from there.

I will be asking just one question: Are you ready to make a deal TODAY?