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January 21, 2019

Fancy setting up your own company, seeking a better job, or making money on the side? Do you have the curiosity to work on improving every single aspect of your life? Well, you may want to get in touch with me then, because I bet I'll be able to save you a lot of time.

Throughout the years I have been directly raising several millions of euros for various projects and have been involved in the launch of 5 companies, where I - fortunately AND unfortunately - could experience pretty much everything: a miserable failure, an inevitable shutdown because of lack of collective motivation among all team members, a business termination due to "unclear" activities carried on by people interested in biting a "piece of the cake", a very smooth execution, and a more than fair exit.

In short, I had to face reality, whether it was a sweet one or a sad, bitter one. I had to understand that creativity, enthusiasm, and curiosity are the most important attributes for any entrepreneur. I had to understand that nobody can achieve anything great without a great team behind. I was amazed by how few founders are actually capable to speak in public. I had to understand that crazy successful decisions come from being free - and freedom includes being able to count on multiple sources of income that allow you to jump, without needing to fear the impact with the hard ground.

With my time - the little of it I still have "free" from my role as CEO of Wafer - I want to help as many of you as possible to set up side businesses, improve your résumé / CV, learn how to speak in public and convince people, analyze the quality of an idea and attach a tangible monetary value to it, understand the importance of an orchestra vs a "one-man band", and so much more. 

Most of things I will say may even sound obvious, yet I can guarantee that nothing is obvious until somebody says it first; and by talking to me you could save those months - or even years - it would take you to get to the same "obvious" conclusions.

Entrepreneurship, happiness, creative satisfaction, and - ultimately - success are a greatly collaborative process. Let me help you, because without a strong guidance you could end up wasting a lot of your time, energy, and money...


And that's the main reason why I am creating this blog; with my posts here, I not only have my personal outlet for my voice to be heard, but I will also be giving plenty of advices in the hope to support your efforts towards your the realization of your goals.


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