Science comes ABOVE politics

January 21, 2019

A couple of days ago I found myself having a conversation with a person that turned out to be more interesting than expected. The conversation. Not the person. The person was actually rather boring.


We started debating about mandatory vaccines, and then, somehow, moved on to discuss about any evidence of global warming.

As a result of that conversation - and of an apparent abundance of available time - I decided to write this article to state a point that I really thought was agreed upon by all humans on Earth by now: science is - and must be - above politics.


Why do politicians end up so often debating on whether global warming is real or not? Why is there a never-ending conversation about the Earth being flat or round? Why do people enjoy talking about vaccines causing autism or not? What is all this enthusiasm about chem trails and weather control conspiracies? How come so many are still undecided on whether we landed on the Moon or not?


Sorry folks, scientific debate does not listen to opinions.


Global warming is real.

The Earth is “round” (in fact, geoid-shaped).

Vaccines do not cause autism.

Chem trails aren't a thing.

We did land on the Moon. Several times.


Deal with it: We are all equal. But this does not mean we are all equivalent.


To fix a car you need a mechanic.

To install a wired plug you need an electrician.

To discover and assess global warming you need a scientist.

To pass laws aimed at mitigating global warming you need a politician.


Can all the above figures please get a grip and stop mixing their roles?


Find this article and more on my LinkedIn page.


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