Why you should NEVER be yourself

January 21, 2019

“No worries, it will all go well; you just have to be yourself!”


I have been hearing that over and over, from pretty much any possible source: family, friends, books, movies, chocolate wraps… and I am sure we’ve all been hearing it in some forms…


Yet I must confess that I never understood why anyone would use that sentence as a form of encouragement or motivational boost. Usain Bolt didn’t become the fastest runner in the world by being himself - he trains hours and hours a day, overcoming his own limits each time.


In fact, I firmly believe that you should never be yourself. Because - sorry to say it - your unadulterated self sucks.


You should rather spend your entire life perfecting yourself, getting better at pretty much anything you do or, at least, at anything you like doing.


When doing sports, when planning a marketing campaign, when managing people, when speaking in public, when designing a spacecraft, or when cooking a meal, just do not be yourself. You would lose in sports and potentially harm yourself; you would not have any chance for your campaign to succeed; the people you manage would hate, disrespect, or even bypass you; your audience would not listen to you beyond the first couple of seconds; your spacecraft would collapse, and your guests would make fun of you if you use cream in pasta carbonara.


So let me leave you with this fairly unorthodox wish: work on becoming a better version of yourself. Don't be yourself. Beat yourself.


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