Over-qualification. The big lie told to job-seekers.

February 4, 2019

There is something wrong when an employer sends this message:




We regret to inform you that we chose not to go forward with your application. When assessing your resume and past experiences, our hiring team has concluded you may be overqualified for this position.


Nevertheless, we invite you to take a look at our career page to find future opportunities that may interest you.





Gosh. How could any hiring manager even remotely think about writing such a message!?


What does it even mean to be “overqualified” for something?


I have personally never heard of anyone complaining because their surgeon was too good, or because their cook made a dish that was too balanced in flavor. I cannot even imagine hearing a shopping addict choosing not to buy a shirt because it fits too perfectly.


So why is “over-qualification” still a thing in 2019 in the job-seeking world?


The only answer I can think of is that when somebody tells you that you are overqualified, she/he actually means that the company you are applying for is under-qualified to be able to “handle” you or more likely so “poor” to onboard somebody who they imagine would be too expensive for them that they don't even ask you how much money you want first.


Yet if that’s the reason, can we all agree that we stop blaming the job-seekers for seemingly being overqualified and we start acting as true hiring managers and give the real reasons to the candidates why they cannot be hired?


To all job-seekers out there, please keep in mind this universal truth: everybody wants to work with people who are “too good to be true”! Should any employer ever reject you with a message similar to the one I wrote above, do yourself a favor: stop trying to be hired by that specific employer, because no matter what position you’ll apply for, the team they are putting together is certainly under-qualified to work at your pace.




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