So long without posting content...

December 18, 2019

I have not been posting anything for months, trapped in a spiral of business trips and new activities.


I am going to try being more regular from now on again, but for now here are some interesting updates:


My role of Spectrum Manager at SES is offering loads of nice negotiation opportunities at commercial and institutional level. I have been absent from SES for about 2 years and everybody says that it is now a very different company. I frankly don't think it is. It seems to be as if nothing tangibly changed other than employees being more self-aware and juggling with a higher dose of commercial pressure and market tension. SES has not changed because it did not need to. Sure it is slightly evolving its business model; but this does not imply any change in the company at its core.


Concerning Elite Circle, the company is pretty much flying high with little help needed. Most customers are referring their friends and contacts and world's class affiliates are constantly reinforcing the deal pipeline.


What else for the end of this 2019? Oh yes, I became the main shareholder of a new company that deals with digital art transformations and ecommerce. The team is still picking the name, while the market launch date is approaching fast. Will keep you posted on that.

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