After a global pandemic

May 11, 2020

Today, a large part of the world re-opens after months of lockdown and a far too large number of deaths. It's still not over (and we are probably far from a real solution), but these are the things I discovered and also those I got actively involved in:


On the personal side:


1 - I got to spend a lot of time with my wife and my son, and I truly loved it. I got countless confirmations that my wife is a superhero and I am starting to think the same about my son too.

2 - I spent months away from my relatives and friends, and now more than ever I can see how strong certain ties are. I could have spent 10x more time away from them and our relationship will not be affected. Not even by a tiny bit.

3 - I will never invest into an office-building project (see point 4 to understand).


On the professional side:


4 - I could see again and again how effective remote work is. If it was for me, I would push most companies on Earth to work 100% remotely at any time and bring their physical office costs down to zero. And in turn I would organize a 1-week team building fun gathering per quarter for all employees, in the coolest locations.

5 - I am now a board member and shareholder of the new personalized art production company Reframy ( and I love the passion behind their team.

6 - I am now a board member and shareholder of the international circular-economy company RoundHope Sarl (, and I can see that company flying very high in the months to come.

7 - The COVID-19 pandemic slowed down many deals for my company Elite Circle (, but we have taken the time to onboard a large number of new clients and to initiate a discrete number of partnerships with like-minded companies in many countries.


On the "judgmental" side:


8 - I can now confidently say I will never respect you if you are: an anti-vaxxer and/or a flat-earther and/or a moon-landing-denialist and/or a chem-trail-believer and/or a climate-change-denialist and/or a Trump supporter. Fact, if you happen to be any of the above, I truly think you are stupid and I sincerely hope you never get to interact with me or get close to my family ever. Thanks.





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